Dark Web Monitoring

Protect your customers from cyber risks, add Dark Web monitoring to your services portfolio.
Offer your customers more than just Cyber Security, offer them Cyber Resilience with proactive monitoring for data breaches, vulnerabilities, and attack planning.

Risks of the Dark Web for business

Illicit activity on the Dark Web can pose a threat to your customers’ business operations and revenues. Monitoring the Dark Web can be dangerous, time-consuming, and requires specialist skills.

To avoid putting security staff and networks at risk, use Skurio’s fully automated Dark Web Monitoring service.

Monitor Multiple Data Sources

Improve visibility of potential cyber-attacks with 24/7 automated monitoring of the Dark Web and other data sources such as Internet chat rooms, bins, data dumps, and hacker forums. Specify derived and curated sources to add new relevant sites to be monitored.

Mitigate Customer Risk

Investigate data breaches and incidents on behalf of your customers, quickly and easily. Monitor for security vulnerabilities and detect planned attacks before they happen, mitigating your customers’ risk.

Increase Your Revenues

Skurio’s automated Dark Web Monitoring services are a great way to increase your monthly recurring cybersecurity revenues. You can also add one-off services such as health checks, customer integrations, reporting, and post data breach remediations, and takedowns.

Efficiency built in

Stop wasting time on manual searching and follow up – we do the heavy lifting! Automated searches for your data and threats to your business run around the clock. Automated alerts provide actionable insights as soon as information is detected.

Easy to Deploy

Web-based, and easy to deploy with SaaS or API options so you could be scanning the Dark Web and other data sources in minutes. Alert setup is highly flexible, helping you to eliminate false positives.

Out of the Box Integrations

Skuiro’s Dark Web Monitoring service integrates with many leading SOCs, SIEMs, and SOARs to increase the efficiency of your security teams by using a single dashboard.