Cloud Backup Solutions

SaaS platform for data protection across data centers, cloud applications, and endpoints
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End Point Backup

Comprehensive protection and governance. No impact on user productivity

Data Center Backup

Simplify data protection and dramatically reduce costs with all-in-one backup, DR, archival and analytics.

SaaS Application Backup

Simplify cloud data protection, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve data visibility.

Office 365 Backup

Office 365 contains native data protection tools that require users to have extensive knowledge on versioning and recycle bins along with the different default retention policies for each application.

Relying on these tools places your organization’s data and projects at risk from:

  • Accidental data loss caused by human error
  • Deletion of data by employees before departing the organization
  • Proliferation of ransomware assisted by file sharing and synchronization
  • Data loss and non-compliance penalties as a result of gaps in data retention policies